What is CliPP

CliPP is a C++ library which enables seamless interoperability between C++ and interpreted languages such as javascript.
CliPP allows you to expose classes and functions written in C++ to Javascript with a minimum of extra code, and with a minimal impact on your existing code design.

The CliPP package also contains a complete Javascript Parser written using the Spirit library. The Javascript Parser is an independent part of the package, and can be replaced with another parser (not necessarily a javascript parser) if required.

A lot of the interface design, and many template-solutions inherits from the design in boost::python.

CliPP as a whole relies heavily on the Boost library.

CliPP version 0.5.0

With this version of CliPP, the javascript parser is more or less complete. delete, typeof, instanceof and in is now implemented.
So is ===, !==, >>> and >>>=.
In addition to this, Automatic Semicolon Insertion has been implemented, allowing for expressions such as
var a=5
To parse correctly (Without a trailing semicolon)
Numerous bugs have been fixed, and CliPP is more stable.
It is now possible to break code at branch  callbacks (in loops and after function calls)

   - Regexp still not implemented
   - Labels not implemented


CliPP has the MIT License.


CliPP has been compiled on the following compilers:

Visual C++ 6, sp5
Visual C++ 7
Visual C++ 7.1
Visual C++ 8.0
GCC 3.2

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